Want a biometric system for your office? Well, we all know that having biometric in the office helps you in tracking your employees. But finding a perfect system is nothing but a hurdle. Anyway, don’t worry about it. Our Gulf IT Solutions is here to provide you with the best. Scroll down to know more.

You will get the complete package here. From biometric system software to fingerprint sensor- we have integrated all the latest technologies under one roof. That’s why we have been recognized as one of the best software developing company in Oman.

Biometric System Software- Our Services

We have featured our software with a number of services keeping your requirements in mind. Have a look, what you are getting by availing our software services.

Centralized Data

If you are the owner of multiple offices then it’s mandatory to keep an eye on your employees of each office. Our biometric software collects all attributes and shows you the data on your head office.

No Proxy Punching

Biometric scans the physical feature of a human being. So it’s impossible to cheat this technology. Furthermore, our software never lets any of your employees to trick you with fake attendance.

Biometric System Data

Our built-in data push technology sends you notification mail on your phone or tablet directly. Thus you can easily keep track.

Attendance Tracking

Our Biometric attendance calculates the attendance of an employee perfectly. Thus you never miss out on any absent of an employee

Leave Management

You can set up your leave policies on our software. It will automatically work according to that. Moreover, our biometric identification system adjusts monthly leaves with ease.

Biometric System Payroll

A biometric payroll system can save a lot of time and resources for your company. It discards all the miscalculation of leaves of an employee. And always serves you with accuracy.

Employee Self Service

Our software provides your employees with easy access and convenience. The self-service is liked by many HR personnel in order to maintain transparency and work ethics.

Anyway, Guys, that’s all from our side. Now you need to get in touch with us to bring your next biometric software system home. For further query drop a comment in the below box.