Do you own a small hotel? Looking for software to manage all the stuff efficiently? You are at the right place. Our Gulf IT Solution is here to provide you with the best hotel management software. Go through to know more.

We clearly understand the need for finding the best fit software for your hotel. That’s why our experts’ have integrated all the latest technologies and have come up with affordable yet responsive software. Scroll now and have the full scoop!

Offerings of Our Hotel Management Software?

You will probably get a handful of software for managing your hotel services. But our one is one of the best Hotel Management Software Oman because of these following offerings,

Desktop Supported UI

You can easily use our software on your desktop. For making things convenient we have designed the software in such a way. The user interface will render you a swift experience. If you are in search of software that can help you in arranging small and medium accommodation facilities- then our Software will be the best choice for you.

Enhance with the Web Module

Not only the desktop-friendly user interface but also you can enhance our software with the web module. With this feature, you can easily manage your bookings moreover, your customers’ requirements. Additionally, you can access the calendar and put reminders with this web module supported feature.

Use in your Mobile

Our engineers have always tried to make each and everything easy for you. That’s why we have come up with the mobile application. Yes! From now on, you can customize your bookings, available rooms, dates, and other details in your mobile from anywhere at any time.

Online booking facilities

With our software, you can allow your customers to make reservations with no time. Our online booking engine will help you to get the bookings directly through your website. Above all, you can personalize our software with your hotel rooms, rents, and more.

Hotel Management Software Offline with Restaurant POS System

The fantastic feature of our software is- you can connect it offline with your Restaurant POS software. In this way, you will get all the restaurant billing, bookings, and more on your desktop or mobile easily. Moreover, we provide the option of syncing to confirm there is nothing left for your restaurant to become optimized.

Learn how to use easily

We hand you a user guide. You have to go through it to learn about the usage and feature in a short time span. Furthermore, you will get useful manuals to convey your hotel amenities. Learn the process of customizing your software and grab the eyeballs of the customers’.

Fulfill your Hotel Management Software Requirements!

That’s all! We tend to fulfill all of your Hotel Management Software requirements with our extensive range of services. Avail our software now and sort everything with ease than ever!