School ERP

An educational institution is not a small place where people come to study and departs. It is
not as easy as it looks like from outside. There are a lot of complexities and difficulties
underneath running a school or university, which is difficult to tackle by one. This needs
proper management to run it so that the education doesn’t interrupt.


solution is specially designed for the different needs of schools
and universities. This solution helps schools to make their work easier yet more professional
in every event of them.

General benefits

• One-time purchase
• Low-cost maintenance
• One single software that has all school-related information
• Easy to use by everyone
• Can manage from anywhere in the world
• Is manageable for multiple campus schools also

For the management

This school management system ERP from GULF IT SOLUTIONS is very helpful to the
school management. It lessens their stress, headache when the workload is heavy and also
makes it more professional to deal with.
• One single software to manage the school
• Easy to communicate for everyone
• Creates a tech-savvy image of the school

For the parents

It gets very difficult for parents to physically visit the school and monitoring their child’s
academic growth. How they are performing their grades and even visiting the teachers
physically. This software makes this easy for them also.
• Can frequently interact with teachers without physically being there

For the teachers

This best school management software Oman let teachers interact more easily to students.
Giving them information related to their academics beforehand and other things such as
• Effective interaction with parents when necessary
• Student’s attendance report

For the students

Most of the benefits are available to the students. The completely gets a new place where
they can inquire about their upcoming examination, can follow their attendance chart and
other things like
• Interactions with everyone in one place
• Can follow a timetable, grades, performance, and attendance as said
• Beforehand information about holidays
• Can browse through their collection of library books.